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Online shop

Our SECURE ONLINE SHOP sells all the items that are available in our Farm's gift shop. Keep an eye out for our Online shop specials.

Our secure online shop accepts Credit Card, Cheque and Money Order. Call us if you prefer to quote your card details.

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Bed & Breakfast

Aloomba accommodation is attached to the house as normal household bedrooms, but has a private sitting room with tea and coffee facilities...

Maximum of 6 adults, disabled friendly, modern and clean. The area is quiet, tranquil and serene – only the sound of the birds...

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Aloomba Farm

Aloomba Lavender is a part of a 4000 acre cattle property east of Stanthorpe.

Established in 1998, the lavender covers 6 acres with approximately 12,000 plants.

We sell virtually all of our lavender and its products through our own gift shop on the farm. From the dried product we sell dried bunches. "stripped" lavender of various weights. The farm has become one of the best open lavender farms...

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Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop is OPEN from 10AM - 4PM, CLOSED Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Christmas day, the shop is well stocked with many lavender based products unique to and made on the property.

We carry a wide range of soaps and lavender cosmetics, many of which are made on the farm. We also stock china, hats, jewellery, stationery, framed prints, linen, jams and confectionary and much more.

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Made of the best quality plush and have Australian hard wheat and Aloomba Lavender in their tummies. The lavender will last for the life of the bear if not heated but they can be gently heated in the microwave to comfort an infant in a pram, a child on a winter night or a cuddle toy for comfort if upset. Elderly people love them too. The lower the temperature, the longer the perfume will remain.


Lavender Essential oil can be used sparingly on the bear to refresh the perfume in years to come. The eyes are embroidered for safety for small children. The Queensland bear is a quality item for a very reasonable price. It makes a beautiful gift for any age or treat yourself to one - we all deserve a treat!